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 Details of our workshop and plenary speakers can be found here.

09:45 –10:30 Registration, refreshments and exhibition
10:30 –10:45 Welcome to the Scottish National Conference
Jason Davenport, MCIPP, Chair, CIPP
10:45 –11:15 PLENARY ONE - Keynote speaker
11:15 –12:00 PLENARY TWO - HMRC update
John Berry, HMRC
12:00 –12:30 Refreshments and exhibition
12:30 –13:15 STREAM ONE
Workshop 01 Will Alexa be running your payroll?
Stuart Hall,MA PGMdip MCIPPdip, director, PayRun.io

How long will it be before ‘Alexa’ runs the payroll? Will we really be able to leave the payroll to a robot?
Workshop 02 Advisory panel Q&A and topical debate
Diana Bruce, MCIPPdip, senior policy liaison officer, CIPP
Jill Smith, MCIPPdip, policy manager, CIPP

This is your opportunity to ask the CIPP advisory service and policy team any burning questions that you may have relating to payroll, either in general or related to specific scenarios within your organisation. Don’t forgetthat you can submit your questions to the team in advance via email.
13:15 –14:15 Lunch and networking with exhibitors
14:15 –15:00 STREAM TWO
Workshop 03 Pensions - Top Tips
Shaun Tetley, FCIPPdip, payroll and pension manager, Portsmouth City Council

This workshop will provide a wide range of topical pension top tips covering both DC/DB schemes as well as the state pensions scheme. It will provide helpful information for you personally and also for your workplace.
Workshop 04

Why become a thought leader?
Elaine Gibson, MSc ChFCIPP, MCMI, FHEA, Director of people and quality, Dataplan Payroll Limited

Thought Leadership has become one of the latest buzz trends but what does it mean to you? The concept of thought leadership can be used to your advantage and can be interpreted in a number of ways, if your answer is yes to the points below then this session is for you:

  • Do you want to become a role model?
  • Do you want to be seen as an influencer?
  • Do you want to progress your career?
15:05 –15:50 STREAM THREE
Workshop 05 How to help your employees engage with their pension
Lynne Robertson-Rose, The University of Edinburgh

The session will introduce you to the latestresearch into retirement savings behaviour and give you an insight into how we behave when thinking about the future. Dr Robertson-Rose will describe behavioural biases such as loss aversion, anchoring and procrastination that can sabotage our attempts to save for retirement. 

She will explain what employers can do to nudge employees into saving more into workplace pensions.
Workshop 06

Devolving payroll across the UK
Justine Riccomini, MSc FFTA AIPA Chartered MCIPD ChFCIPP, head of tax, ICAS

Justine will discuss howScottish and Welsh Income Tax relates to the rest of the UKcovering questions such as:

  • Does it create competition between jurisdictions?
  • Does it attract and retain, or the opposite?
  • Does it raise the necessary public funding?
  • Does it influence taxpayer behaviour?
  • Does it drive more people to incorporate?
  • Is it about politics or the economy?
  • Does it make tax easier or more complicated?
  • Is it more transparent, or more opaque?
  • Do people understand it, or not?
  • Is it possible, or even necessary, to identify every single Scottish and Welsh taxpayer?
15:50 –16:20 Networking and refreshments with exhibitors
16:20 –17:00

PLENARY THREE - CIPP payroll legislation update
Diana Bruce, MCIPPdip, senior policy liaison officer, CIPP

This session will cover topical issues changes affecting payroll, pensions and reward. The session is likely toinclude:

  • The Good Work Plan
  • CEO pay ratiosreporting
  • Devolution
  • Student loans
  • Minimum wage
  • Reporting gender/ethnicity pay gap
  • Workplace pensions
17:00 –17:40

PLENARY FOUR - Off-payroll working in the private sector
Karen Thomson,MSc ChFCIPPdip FHEA, director –group payroll services, Armstrong Watson LLP

With off-payrolling already operating in the public sector, the Government announced a similar scheme for the private sector.

Consultation will be had throughout 2019 with implementation scheduled for 2020.Karen works closely with the CIPP policy team and is also a member of the Employment & Payroll Group all of whom will be looking at this legislation in detail.This session will therefore look at the following areas from both an employer perspective and a payroll service provider perspective:

  • Overview of what the legislation entails
  • Who do the new rules apply to/for
  • How will the CEST tool support employers in determining employment status
  • The view from a payroll bureau perspective as they will have numerous clients this will impact
  • Opportunity for open discussion
17:40 –17:45 Conference close
17:45 –18:00 Comfort break
18:00 –19:30 Drinks reception in the Dynamic Earth Galleries