The health and wellbeing lessons employers can learn from athletes

14 May 2018

How can employers incorporate learnings around recovery and maintaining good health from athletes into their health and wellbeing strategy? An article in Employee Benefits has taken a look into this.

To reach the top of their game professional athletes must be physically and mentally resilient. With the stresses and pressures of work caused by organisational change, environment and digital information overload employees need to demonstrate resilience in order to cope. Ashleigh Wallace, head of wellbeing at mentoring and diversity organisation Moving Ahead, and physiotherapist for Team GB at four Olympic Games, says: “Organisations should be encouraging staff to try and break that ‘digital information overload’ because I think that leads to mental fatigue. When employees are tired, they become less resilient.”

Could this be achieved through employers providing education? Employers could hold talks, seminars or workshops, or host consultations with nutritionists or in-house chefs to further equip employees with information.

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